TikTok Creator vs. Business Account – What’s the Difference?

Hello TikTok users!

Are you curious about learning the key difference between creator and business account? Then, stay and read this guide to get clear information. Then, if you are a new TikTok user, think about which account you have to opt for. But don’t worry! Here we have discussed this in detail.

If you are a business, choosing the business account will be the right choice to interact highly with your potential market, get more views and followers and achieve your business goals. But, at the same time, creators can choose the creator account to enhance their online fame and reputation. Remember, creator and business account users often try to buy tiktok likes to get ahead on the TikTok game. So, focus on reliable marketing efforts, whether you are a business or creator account. Here walk through this guide to learn which TikTok account you have to choose.

Types of TikTok Accounts

TikTok account has two types of accounts to clear up here have been discussed.

1. Personal account

To choose an account, you need to know that personal accounts are limited to the latest functionalities. It means that only pro account users can access the incredible features.

2. Pro account

If you want to achieve your goals, Trollishly says that you need to know which account benefits you. Let’s learn together!

First, let you know the Pro account is of two types:

#1 Creator account: Compared to a personal account, this account offers users an improved feature. But let’s be clear that this account doesn’t serve a marketing purpose. It means that this account has limited features to promote the brand. This account understands the user’s preference and enables creators to advertise other’s products. It will high engage their potential audience and boost sales.

#2 Business account: If you are a business, choosing the business account will give you a rewarding experience in reaching more potential customers. Using this account, you can promote your business most effectively and build your brand’s reputation.

Which TikTok Account Do You Have to Choose?

If you are confused about choosing a creator or business account, then have a clear understanding by exploring the below.

#1 Creator Account: Creator account is an account that is used to attract more potential audiences and enhance fame. You can choose a creator account if you are an individual and a small business and want to attract a target audience.

Creator account is only for individuals and small businesses to elevate their online presence, grab more users’ attention, and enhance their fame. Well, small businesses without large investments will use a creator account. Even though business accounts enable you to access an unlimited brand-specific feature, using the creator account will help you save your hard-earned money.

The creator account lets you use the creative feature, attract more audience, make your content more appealing, and improve your brand’s value. Moreover, you can make more money on the platform by effectively utilizing the features available to the creator account. Creators can also account for the unlimited sounds and improve the chance to make their content popular.

Pros of Using a Creator Account

Get full access to the available audio library.
Easily stitch and duet.
Promote videos.
Access TikTok analytics.
Join the TikTok Creator Fund

The cons of using a TikTok creator account are that it doesn’t allow users to include a website to profile and native-only account management.

#2 Business Account: A business account provides more value for businesses with its incredible access to the TikTok features. The main thing is that you can get clear insights about user demographics and explore statistics, trends, and more. Moreover, with an understanding of profile analytics, you can take steps to buy tiktok followers and build a strong community of followers. Do you want to clarify who can opt for a business account? Then, read the points below.

  • A large enterprise or business.
  • Your target audience is Gen Z and Gen Y.
  • The target market is international.
  • Run multiple ads such as in-feed ads, brand takeover, branded hashtag challenges, branded effects, and TopView ads.
  • To find influencers for your marketing campaign.

Pros of Using a TikTok Business Account

  • Access TikTok analytics.
  • Take advantage of TikTok ads.
  • Use plenty of sounds and songs.

The cons about business accounts are that it is limited with the duet or stitching options and a limited library of sounds.

Final Verdict

At last, we hope that you learn about the difference between a TikTok creator and a business account. So, with a clear understanding, choosing the account depends upon your purpose and success in the competitive space.