5 Super-Creative Instagram Story Ideas To Fascinate Your Followers

Instagram launched its most prominent feature Instagram story, in 2016. The difference between an Instagram post and an Instagram story is that the post stays forever on your Instagram page unless you delete it or Instagram removes it under certain circumstances. In contrast, the validity of an Instagram story is only 24 hours. If you want your Instagram Stories to ramp up on the platform, be creative in every step. Moreover, make sure to buy instagram video views to step up in every way of your process. Let’s kickstart this article to learn how to be more creative on Instagram Stories!

How Will Your Stories Appear?

Instagram Stories do not appear in your Instagram account’s primary grid of posts. Instead, your followers can find your Instagram story inside a colored circle around your profile picture and other people’s Stories as soon as they open the homepage of Instagram in the top horizontal bar. You can post images, text, videos, and write-ups and also reshare the posts of others. So, here are five fantastic Instagram story ideas that make you look unique.

#1 Emphasize On Creative Instagram Stories

Turn your boring pictures into captivating pictures by applying filters and using the top right corner options, which have stickers, GIFs, text, audio, etc., Also, if you want your personal Stories to be viewed only by your close friends, you can select that option before posting them in your story. In addition, avoid dumping so many updates in your story. Stories are viewed like a slideshow, so your followers might get bored and skip your Stories entirely. Keep it short and sweet. You can use your Instagram story to announce your new posts by adding a creative GIF or sticker to invite your followers to watch, like, and comment on your new post.

#2 Boomerang And Stickers Ideas

You can try boomerang! With this feature, you can create short funny video clips that run forward and backward in a loop. Be humorous when writing funny captions. This can engage your followers as you prove laughter through your Stories. Instead of posing with a boring smile and reaction, spice it up with entertaining filters available on Instagram. Add relevant stickers wherever you want and resize them according to your wish. Use them to create engaging Instagram Stories. It will impress more of your viewers to interact with your stories. In contrast, you can also try out Inzfy to uplift your Stories exposure and get immediate users’ attention.

#3 Use Emojis And Multimedia Ideas

Tag your friends and people who appear in a picture or video of your story for credibility so your followers can easily find them through your story. Use appropriate emojis and catchy texts to make your story look cool. Mix and match different types of media! Create illustrations or graphic effects for your story content to make it more interesting. For example, you can place any screenshot and record a video where you talk about it on the same screen.

#4 Repost And Share Stuff

You can repost your favorite post, memes, reels, or even a story of others. Then, say something about it to have an authentic touch in your story. Expressing your opinions on trending topics or viral news can also make your followers feel that you are updated and concerned. If you want to share a lengthy write-up, website, article, blog, or any vital post with your followers, you can add that link to your story with relevant and exciting pictures and captions.

#5 Use Interaction Ideas – Live, Polls, Q & A

Go live to engage with your followers! Keep it fascinating as your live recorded session will be available on your story for 24 hours if not archived for those who have missed your live broadcasting. Set a countdown sticker for any important event to keep the followers tied up. Conduct a poll often for increased interaction with your followers, and you can try out question stickers to communicate with them to keep the communication close and intact.

Wrapping It Up

As everyone on Instagram has become aware of the trend and getting popularity through creative Stories and posts, your followers would love to watch your Stories only when they are attractive and creative. So, to keep your followers attentive and make them feel you are worthy of being followed, you should try out these innovative Instagram story ideas.