Tips to Use Instagram Reels to Drive Traffic for Your ECommerce Store

In today’s fast-paced world, people are more likely to prefer to watch short-form video content. As of now, Instagram Reels is a quickly growing type of content that is gaining more user traction. The studies revealed that 2 billion active monthly users interact with Reels content. It helps e-Commerce brands engage potential audiences and turn visitors into their customers.

If you are an e-Commerce brand, taking advantage of Instagram Reels is wise. But it is crucial to engage them more creatively where unique content will perform better. To engage wider audiences, buy instagram reels likes and ensure an excellent reach. It will powerfully grow your audience and eventually convert them into paying customers.

Let’s kickstart this article!

#1 Share Quick Tips & Tricks

Do you want to improve your engagement rate on Instagram? Then, sharing informative content that is fun to watch is the best idea. For instance, if you are an apparel store, creating videos about how to style clothes in different ways, how to match the accessories, and more will engage your audience. Moreover, it will help your viewers to spread the brand’s name and make it go viral. The best thing is that sharing quick tips will make customers interested in purchasing your products.

#2 Sharing How-to Videos

Each day, a new style evolves, and educating your audience by creating and sharing how-to videos is great. When customers plan to purchase a product, they will always search for how to use it and utilize it in the best way. Remember, every product shares how-to videos to make customers purchase the product. Moreover, to expand your marketing capability, use SocialDice and make it go viral. Being an eCommerce store, try to create how-to videos in a creative way to influence your viewers to purchase the brand.

#3 Make Customers Familiar with Your Products

Do you want to make your customers familiar with your products? Then, convey to them your product details. It means to tell people about your product’s features, performance, and benefits. Sharing how to use your product and its benefits will help your audience know your brand’s value. In this way, you can let your customers see your products’ worth from your point of view. Focusing on this strategy helps clarify the user’s queries, and with a detailed view, they make a clear purchasing decision.

#4 Share Behind-the-Scenes

Without any effort, your eCommerce store hasn’t evolved. Behind your store, there is a story. However, letting your customers know your working process will create a sense of trust and make them believe that your product is worth buying. Using Instagram Reels, you can showcase your brand’s personality and inspire more customers. So, using Instagram Reels take your customers behind the scenes and make sense of transparency. It will result in incredibly growing your audience base.

#5 Tease Your Product

If you are thinking about launching a new product, then to create a buzz about it, make sure to tease it. Revealing what’s coming soon will create viewers’ interest in your product, and they will stay engaged with it. The best way to tease the product is to improve the conversation about the product and help more users get deep insights. Many users always buy instagram reels views where the trick influences your viewers to follow your page.

#6 Emphasize User Generated Content

You already know that user-generated content is one of the best resources to create a strong impact on your business among users. With the ease of use, there is no need to make Reels content from scratch. Instead, try to share user-generated content to showcase your products to prospective customers. Keep in mind that UGC builds your brand’s credibility that even the most highly visualizing content can’t. So make Reels with user-generated content and more effectively utilize the in-app editing tools to make your content more attractive. It will get your brand’s content in front of a massive audience and improve organic visibility.

Final Verdict

If you are ready to grow your eCommerce store, uniquely present your content and steadily enhance your popularity. So, to drive more organic traffic, use the above tips and tricks and establish strong relationships with potential customers. As a result, you can creatively showcase your product, build a community and boost your sales.

5 Must-Try Tips on Instagram to Perform Better

Are you tired of putting forth your efforts to skyrocket your fame on Instagram? If yes, without any frustrations, start to read these tips. Instagram is now the top preferred application for more than 2 billion people all over the world. The trending reach of the platform influenced businesses to use it for their marketing purpose.

With effective strategies, many businesses are becoming more successful and buzzing on the platform by increasing their brand exposure. For those who like to improve their social status and become an influencer, Instagram features help a lot. More significantly, Instagram Reels come as a treasure trove for creators. Many users started to create unique videos and buy instagarm reels likes to go popular. If you want to become one of the creators and perform better, try the below tips and tricks and increase your chance of becoming an influencer.

#1 Create Short & Snappy Videos

Now, it’s time to create short videos on Instagram to improve user interaction, such as views, likes, shares, and comments. Only short videos will get immediate attention, and considering creating them will help you to save time and effort. Even more, if the viewing duration is less, more users will watch the enteric content, increasing the watch time. If you want your audience to keep watching your videos and avoid skipping them, it is better to create shorter videos. It will likely increase the engagement rate and make your content more visible.

#2 Utilize Potential Hashtags

Hashtags are the most effective and powerful element to make your content more discoverable and reach potential audiences. To be more genuine and make your content more social, try to include the hashtags your audience intends to search for. You can play with the potential hashtags and mix up the generic, trending, and specific hashtags, which is a huge advantage to increasing your overall exposure. Moreover, get assistance from FollowFormation to fast-track your online presence and get enticing results.

#3 Post Content at the Right Timing

You may have created Instagram content that caters to your audience’s interest. But you have to know that one of the effective ways to make it more noticeable is by sharing content at the right time. It means that you have to post content when your audience is online. Therefore, one of the crucial factors you must focus on is taking your content in front of a potential audience and making them stay engaged. At the same time, ensure to schedule your posts to gain more user traction and maintain your active presence on the platform.

#4 Create Content For Your Audience

You will be excited when you explore Instagram. Many users are frequently sharing content on the platform. It states that there is unlimited content that you can scroll and get knowledge through. So, looking for effective ways to make your content stand out and be more discoverable is more important. Here, you will think of that what you should do. At this point, you must understand your audience’s interests and the type of content they are searching for.

Make a clear evaluation of your audience, and experiment with different types of content to find out the content your audience is most engaging with. In contrast, many experts suggest focusing on creating and sharing Reels content. Ultimately, look for ways to buy instagram reels views to increase the interaction level. The reason is that many users prefer to watch Reels content rather than other content types.

#5 Use Trending Sounds

If you tap into the Instagram platform, you will find a variety of content in specific sounds or music that goes viral. Of course, yes! So once you have created the content, search for a song suitable for your videos. Well, with the right choice of sounds or music, you can increase users’ traction and higher your level of engagement. Moreover, it is suggested to use trending filters and effects to make content more attractive to your potential audience.

Final Verdict

When we talk about improving your viral reach on Instagram, you will get excited to know that there are more effective ways. To help you to perform better, we have discussed a few tips and tricks above. So use these strategies more effectively and incredibly improve your overall exposure and enhance your popularity.

5 Super-Creative Instagram Story Ideas To Fascinate Your Followers

Instagram launched its most prominent feature Instagram story, in 2016. The difference between an Instagram post and an Instagram story is that the post stays forever on your Instagram page unless you delete it or Instagram removes it under certain circumstances. In contrast, the validity of an Instagram story is only 24 hours. If you want your Instagram Stories to ramp up on the platform, be creative in every step. Moreover, make sure to buy instagram video views to step up in every way of your process. Let’s kickstart this article to learn how to be more creative on Instagram Stories!

How Will Your Stories Appear?

Instagram Stories do not appear in your Instagram account’s primary grid of posts. Instead, your followers can find your Instagram story inside a colored circle around your profile picture and other people’s Stories as soon as they open the homepage of Instagram in the top horizontal bar. You can post images, text, videos, and write-ups and also reshare the posts of others. So, here are five fantastic Instagram story ideas that make you look unique.

#1 Emphasize On Creative Instagram Stories

Turn your boring pictures into captivating pictures by applying filters and using the top right corner options, which have stickers, GIFs, text, audio, etc., Also, if you want your personal Stories to be viewed only by your close friends, you can select that option before posting them in your story. In addition, avoid dumping so many updates in your story. Stories are viewed like a slideshow, so your followers might get bored and skip your Stories entirely. Keep it short and sweet. You can use your Instagram story to announce your new posts by adding a creative GIF or sticker to invite your followers to watch, like, and comment on your new post.

#2 Boomerang And Stickers Ideas

You can try boomerang! With this feature, you can create short funny video clips that run forward and backward in a loop. Be humorous when writing funny captions. This can engage your followers as you prove laughter through your Stories. Instead of posing with a boring smile and reaction, spice it up with entertaining filters available on Instagram. Add relevant stickers wherever you want and resize them according to your wish. Use them to create engaging Instagram Stories. It will impress more of your viewers to interact with your stories. In contrast, you can also try out Inzfy to uplift your Stories exposure and get immediate users’ attention.

#3 Use Emojis And Multimedia Ideas

Tag your friends and people who appear in a picture or video of your story for credibility so your followers can easily find them through your story. Use appropriate emojis and catchy texts to make your story look cool. Mix and match different types of media! Create illustrations or graphic effects for your story content to make it more interesting. For example, you can place any screenshot and record a video where you talk about it on the same screen.

#4 Repost And Share Stuff

You can repost your favorite post, memes, reels, or even a story of others. Then, say something about it to have an authentic touch in your story. Expressing your opinions on trending topics or viral news can also make your followers feel that you are updated and concerned. If you want to share a lengthy write-up, website, article, blog, or any vital post with your followers, you can add that link to your story with relevant and exciting pictures and captions.

#5 Use Interaction Ideas – Live, Polls, Q & A

Go live to engage with your followers! Keep it fascinating as your live recorded session will be available on your story for 24 hours if not archived for those who have missed your live broadcasting. Set a countdown sticker for any important event to keep the followers tied up. Conduct a poll often for increased interaction with your followers, and you can try out question stickers to communicate with them to keep the communication close and intact.

Wrapping It Up

As everyone on Instagram has become aware of the trend and getting popularity through creative Stories and posts, your followers would love to watch your Stories only when they are attractive and creative. So, to keep your followers attentive and make them feel you are worthy of being followed, you should try out these innovative Instagram story ideas.

TikTok Vs. Instagram: Which Is Best For Businesses

The social media battle has been seen worldwide, and now it has become so common to witness. To begin with, TikTok became so prominent, and it has nothing to do with the fact that it is indeed fresher to the market. And it has grown much enough to compete with the senior competitors over a decade older than TikTok. Though it has faced many issues like being banned in various countries it still has managed to retain its position and still ranks higher every day. Even today, many prefer to use TikTok and buy tiktok views to enhance their fame on the platform.

And when it comes to Instagram, we all know what progress it was. From being a normal photo-sharing app, it has now become a full-fledged marketing and media channel that guarantees engagement and provides a clear insight into user demands.

But then it is rumored that introducing the reels option on Instagram is a clear-cut carbon copy of TikTok. But does it matter when you get to do business on both platforms?

Yeah, you have got it. The main question was, ‘TikTok Vs. Instagram Which Is Best For Businesses?’

Suitability For Business

Which platform is better to consider for your business now: Instagram or TikTok? TikViral says both platforms are increasingly focused on video content, each with a billion users. Your particular audience’s location and points of interaction are of utmost importance. Even so, examining whichever platform offers the best value for your money and will provide your campaigns with greater reach and engagement is worthwhile.

Of course, everything has two sides, and just like that, both social media platforms have got their pros and cons to deal with. So it is wise to know them first before optimizing them blindly for the business.


Pros –

  • Stories on Instagram are a great tool for getting your brand noticed. Usually, the clips and clicks on story posts vanish in a day, yet they give your brand credibility and dynamism.
  • Compared to TikTok, Instagram has a greater user base.
  • Instagram is the platform to use if you want to incorporate influencer marketing into your action plan.
  • The “Checkout” function of Instagram’s in-app shopping function and the popular “Instagram Shopping” widget enables businesses to tag stuff and send traffic to the product links on their webpage.
  • It is quick and simple to upload photographs and movies and doesn’t take much time.
  • There are more alternatives for Instagram advertising.
  • Content can even be scheduled beforehand.

Cons –

  • Instagram has a relatively small or limital audience; most users are between 18 and 34.
  • There are nearly over 25 million businesses on Instagram. It makes it challenging for your business to stand out from the competition.
  • Not so much a vital tool if you prefer your words to do the talking; Instagram does far better with images and videos.
  • There isn’t an easy way to connect your Instagram feeds to your website.


Pros –

  • As of 2020, The most downloaded app was TikTok.
  • Despite having a lower density of users than Instagram, TikTok is adding users faster. TikTok expanded by 49% in 2019, although Instagram downloads only grew by 28%.
  • Parallel to the “Checkout” option on Instagram, TikTok features a function that allows users to make an in-app purchase via the retail partners on the platform. Businesses can link products from their website using
  • TikTok’s Sponsored Hashtag Challenge Plus through a branded hashtag campaign.
  • The cost of advertising on TikTok is often lower than on Instagram.
  • TikTok has a younger user base, with 69% of its users in the 13 to 24 age bracket.
  • Videos play with audio, making it more straightforward for companies to be seen by people as they navigate through information.

Cons –

  • TikTok, a platform made up of many younger users, might not be a good fit for your company. You can also buy tiktok fans to drive more customers to your brand.
  • It is challenging to increase website traffic because reels cannot include links.
  • Because TikTok is one of the more recent social platforms, there aren’t any long-term metrics and insights.
  • You will need to personally maintain a database to keep track, as TikTok merely preserves metrics for 28 days.
  • When you decide to share a brand-new video, you have to directly and manually upload it when you want it to go out because, unlike many other social media networks, you can’t schedule feeds out.
  • Since TikTok is so new, only time will tell if it will be around for the foreseeable future.

Final Verdict

Without any uncertainty, TikTok might be the ideal platform for producing content that takes advantage of brief and short-form trends. Moreover, it excellently fits its target market due to its bombastic appearance and flair. But that doesn’t make Instagram any less because it has its specialties and merits that will aid your business with the elements of promotion that you desire.

6 Amazing TikTok Creative Ideas To Boost Your Followers

Users, especially younger ones, love the social network TikTok. Additionally, it offers fantastic marketing chances because you can utilize it to expand brand recognition and connect with new audiences. However, like other social networks, you must regularly post new content to establish a presence and gain followers. Here are six creative suggestions to increase your TikTok following.

Post Challenges in Social Media

We can presume that most people are aware of prevalent social media challenges, including Ice Bucket Challenge.
Such contests frequently cross platforms and become famous. As a result, if increasing your following is your primary objective, you should participate in favorite challenges and upload your films to TikTok.
You can also create your unique challenge leveraging a branded hashtag if you want to go one step further and hope it gains traction.
To uplift your level of traction, you can buy tiktok fans and bring up your fanbase effortlessly, eventually leading to better traffic.

Usage Of Popular Hashtags

Making films about topics that are currently hot is another simple strategy to increase the number of views and fanbase on your TikTok videos. On TikTok, you may search for popular hashtags to use while making videos with the same theme. Because you are mimicking well-loved trends previously and creating videos with a high likelihood of staying liked, this tactic works.

Share Uplifting Information

The potential to convey your brand’s beliefs while gaining new followers is provided through inspirational content. Inspirational material is excellent for health entrepreneurs and producers, but it can be used for any brand. Consider your objective, the values you want to convey, and what you believe the audience will connect with as you brainstorm.

For example, Rebeca Huffman, a gourmet and content creator, routinely sends encouraging notes to her neighborhood. More than 29K people have liked and commented on her post about imposter syndrome, and many have thanked her for her insightful advice.

The Reenactments

You can pick up a few famous movie dialogues and reenact them online using TikTok. This indecent time is exceptionally renowned. Make sure to keep it fun. Choose mostly the entertaining dialogues so you will have more ways to keep it engaging. You can also ask your friends to hitch with you. You can buy tiktok views for the most popular ones with excellent content will go viral for sure. You can also choose motivational movie dialogues so that a few people might like it inspiring.

Knowledge About Your Competitors

You cannot always be in touch with the knowledge about your matching rival sites and their strategies. Not every strategy of yours or theirs will provide you with insight into your competitors’ advances. But there’s no chance for that when you leverage TikTok since you are an audience and a marketer here. So, you will know your potential competitors’ strategies and content with their pivotal characteristics.

Suppose you’ve previously used other social media platforms. In that case, you may be aware that some of the algorithms are continuously changing, which can be annoying, and that they don’t always consider their users’ true preferences and dislikes.

Video Makeovers

As the name implies, these videos feature a makeover, be it a new hairdo, outfit, makeup, or something else.
Videos using the TikTok beauty mode effect are a current trend in this genre. Shabbily dressed individuals use beauty mode in these videos to change their appearance.
Numerous fashion influencers on TikTok have created makeover videos highlighting this beauty trend. To illustrate exactly what it requires, here is an illustration.


Tutorial videos are viral on practically all social media sites, including TikTokcause TikTok movies are so brief, the tutorials are less in-depth and generally self-explanatory here.
This entails that you can create a brief instructional outlining each stage of a procedure without offering any commentary. You can fast-forward the entire clip to fit a tutorial within the allotted time.
On TikTok, Fenty Beauty frequently shares cosmetic tutorials highlighting one of their offerings.


So, therefore, these are the six unique TikTok creative ideas to boost your followers. If you desire to increase your followers quickly, try Trollishly or the above-mentioned creative ideas for you. Simple yet effective.

TikTok Creator vs. Business Account – What’s the Difference?

Hello TikTok users!

Are you curious about learning the key difference between creator and business account? Then, stay and read this guide to get clear information. Then, if you are a new TikTok user, think about which account you have to opt for. But don’t worry! Here we have discussed this in detail.

If you are a business, choosing the business account will be the right choice to interact highly with your potential market, get more views and followers and achieve your business goals. But, at the same time, creators can choose the creator account to enhance their online fame and reputation. Remember, creator and business account users often try to buy tiktok likes to get ahead on the TikTok game. So, focus on reliable marketing efforts, whether you are a business or creator account. Here walk through this guide to learn which TikTok account you have to choose.

Types of TikTok Accounts

TikTok account has two types of accounts to clear up here have been discussed.

1. Personal account

To choose an account, you need to know that personal accounts are limited to the latest functionalities. It means that only pro account users can access the incredible features.

2. Pro account

If you want to achieve your goals, Trollishly says that you need to know which account benefits you. Let’s learn together!

First, let you know the Pro account is of two types:

#1 Creator account: Compared to a personal account, this account offers users an improved feature. But let’s be clear that this account doesn’t serve a marketing purpose. It means that this account has limited features to promote the brand. This account understands the user’s preference and enables creators to advertise other’s products. It will high engage their potential audience and boost sales.

#2 Business account: If you are a business, choosing the business account will give you a rewarding experience in reaching more potential customers. Using this account, you can promote your business most effectively and build your brand’s reputation.

Which TikTok Account Do You Have to Choose?

If you are confused about choosing a creator or business account, then have a clear understanding by exploring the below.

#1 Creator Account: Creator account is an account that is used to attract more potential audiences and enhance fame. You can choose a creator account if you are an individual and a small business and want to attract a target audience.

Creator account is only for individuals and small businesses to elevate their online presence, grab more users’ attention, and enhance their fame. Well, small businesses without large investments will use a creator account. Even though business accounts enable you to access an unlimited brand-specific feature, using the creator account will help you save your hard-earned money.

The creator account lets you use the creative feature, attract more audience, make your content more appealing, and improve your brand’s value. Moreover, you can make more money on the platform by effectively utilizing the features available to the creator account. Creators can also account for the unlimited sounds and improve the chance to make their content popular.

Pros of Using a Creator Account

Get full access to the available audio library.
Easily stitch and duet.
Promote videos.
Access TikTok analytics.
Join the TikTok Creator Fund

The cons of using a TikTok creator account are that it doesn’t allow users to include a website to profile and native-only account management.

#2 Business Account: A business account provides more value for businesses with its incredible access to the TikTok features. The main thing is that you can get clear insights about user demographics and explore statistics, trends, and more. Moreover, with an understanding of profile analytics, you can take steps to buy tiktok followers and build a strong community of followers. Do you want to clarify who can opt for a business account? Then, read the points below.

  • A large enterprise or business.
  • Your target audience is Gen Z and Gen Y.
  • The target market is international.
  • Run multiple ads such as in-feed ads, brand takeover, branded hashtag challenges, branded effects, and TopView ads.
  • To find influencers for your marketing campaign.

Pros of Using a TikTok Business Account

  • Access TikTok analytics.
  • Take advantage of TikTok ads.
  • Use plenty of sounds and songs.

The cons about business accounts are that it is limited with the duet or stitching options and a limited library of sounds.

Final Verdict

At last, we hope that you learn about the difference between a TikTok creator and a business account. So, with a clear understanding, choosing the account depends upon your purpose and success in the competitive space.